Quantum Information in Spain (ICE)

Industrial day on the 14 of May

ICE-2021 Industrial Day on the 14th of May

ICE includes an Industrial Day where experts at national and international level in quantum technologies will gather to comment on their plans and prospects on the fields of Quantum Communication, Quantum Computing, Quantum Finance, and Quantum Software. Oral contributions from invited speakers will include interactive sessions with the public where exchange of opinions and ideas will take place in a dynamic and participative way.

The list of contributing companies are AMETIC, Quantum Mads, Telefónica I+D, Multiverse Computing, IQM, Huawei, aQuantum, AQT, Qside, BBVA, Qilimanjaro, Tecnobit, Atos/Bull, Hispasat, EDF, Thales Alenia Space España, Ibermatica, Indra, GMV,  Santander,  Astrazeneca, as well as representatives from the Ministry of Science and Innovation, Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) and the Polytechnic University of Madrid, who will give the governmental and public research institution perspectives, respectively. Due to the pandemic situation the whole event will take place virtually

9:00h: Welcome & Introduction to the sesión
Verónica Fernández Mármol

Opening. General secretary of Innovation. Ministry of Science and Innovation
Teresa Riesgo. Secretaria Gral. de Innovación

9:15h-9:30h: AMETIC
Alfonso Rubio Manzanares
“Impacto de las tecnologías cuánticas en las empresas”

9:30-10:30h: Quantum Computing

9:30h: IQM
Inés de Vega
«Quantum computation with application specific processors»

9:40h: AQT
David Vittese
“Trapped Ion Quantum Computing from AQT”

09:50h: Qilimanjaro
Ramiro Sagastizabal
«Qilimanjaro: Quantum Computing Services»

10:00-10:10: aQuantum
Guido Peterssen Nodarse
A Quantum Path

10:10h: Interactive session between speakers and public (parallel)

10:20-10:30: Coffee break

10:30-11:30h: Quantum Communication (I)

10:30h: Telefónica I+D
Diego López
«The Quantum Software Network»

10:40h: Huawei Europe
Momtchil Peev

10:50h: Qside
Carlos Abellán
«Quantum entropy in data security and computation»

11:00h: Tecnobit
Lourdes Velasco

11:10h: Interactive session between speakers and public (parallel)

11:20h-11:30h: Coffee break

11:30-12:30h: Quantum Finance

11:30h: Quantum Mads
Javier González-Conde
«Pioneering the future of quantum finance: impact beyond the hype»

11:40h: Multiverse Computing
Román Orús
Multiverse Computing: Quantum for Finance and Beyond

11:50h: HSBC
Gustavo Ordóñez
“Quantum Computing applications to the Financial Industry”

12:00h: BBVA
Carlos Kuchkovsky
«Quantum Ready Journey Strategies»

12:10h: Santander
Ángel Rodríguez-Rozas
«Perspectives and Challenges in Quantum Computing for the Pricing of Financial Derivatives»

12:20h: Interactive session between speakers and public (parallel)

12:30-13:30h: Lunch break

13:30-14:00h: CDTI
Emilio Iglesias Cadarso and Fernando Martín Galende

14:00-15:00h: Quantum Communication (II)

14:00h: Hispasat
Antonio Abad
“The future of Space Quantum Key Distribution”

14:10h: Thales Alenia Space
Lara Arche
“Satellite Quantum Communications: Challenges and Opportunities”

14:20h: Indra
Jesús Ángel Sánchez
«Quantum Communications Spanish Activity Group”

14:30h: GMV
Fernando Labarga Ávalos
“Quantum Technologies for Space and Defence. Project QUANTICO in Quantum Metrology for Secure Navigation”

14:40h: Interactive session between speakers and public (parallel)

14:50h-15:00h: Coffee break

15.00-16.00h: Quantum Software

15:00h-15:10h: Atos/Bull
Cyril Allouche
«Atos activities in quantum technologies»

15:10h-15:20h: EDF
Marc Porcheron
“Quantum computing at EDF R&D: use cases, research axes, and involvement in the ecosystem”

15:20h-15:30h: Ibermatica
Aitor Moreno
Quantum computing at AI industrial applications, state of the art and use cases

15:30-15:40h: Astra Zeneca
Anders Broo, Head of Data Science and Modelling, Pharmaceutical Sciences, AstraZeneca
«Quantum Computing in Chemistry»

15:40h: Interactive session between speakers and public (parallel)

15:50-16:00h: Closure
Prof. Gonzalo León. UPM
«El reto de la soberanía tecnológica de la UE en el contexto geopolítico mundial: el caso de las tecnologías cuánticas.»